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Dried Fruits/Nuts

Fruits that have had the bulk of their water removed, leaving a tiny, densely packed with energy dried fruit, are ideal for sharing or nibbling on throughout the day. Throughout the day, our Dried Fruits are excellent for sharing or as a snack.

Peanuts or groundnuts supplied by our company without shell are highly demanded by food processing industry for making snack foods, peanut butter, chocolates, candies, cookies, muffins, sauces, etc. Other than that, nutritional and flavorful nuts are used in making oil.
Buy from us organic jaggery supplied in large pieces. This traditional sweetener is used in a number of food products, beverages, confectionery and sauces. Traditional medicine consider it as an essential ingredient that has the power to balance doshas and improve digestion.

They are very common these days. The texture is soft and chewy, and they have a lovely sweetness to them. We have premium grade dates that are also of good quality. These products come in many different sorts. All of them are available for purchase here.

When it comes to seeds, we currently have pumpkin seeds. These oval shaped flattened seeds are considered highly beneficial to health. The nutrient dense seeds are good for bone health and digestive health. These seeds also help in regulating blood sugar levels.
Have after-meal snack called mukhwas to improve oral health and promote digestion of food. This sweetener is a mix of sugar-coated seeds and spices that must be taken in small amount as a part of post-meal ritual.
Whole grains like oats are nutritious and versatile food source, rich in dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. People can soak or boil oats in milk to prepare oatmeal. Food industry also uses this grain in granola bars, cookies, smoothies, etc.

Minerals, fiber, plant-based protein, and many other nutrients are abundant in cashews. They may be used to make a variety of dishes and including them into your diet may promote numerous health advantages. Depending on your needs, you may explore and inspect the cashew nuts.


They are an excellent method to boost your meal's nutrients and flavor. Compared to other regularly consumed nuts in the same amount, a handful of walnuts has approximately twice as much antioxidants. These goods are top-notch and available from us.



One of many peoples' favorite and tastiest dry fruits are the Pistachios. These crunchy, bite-sized nuts are packed with vitamins and other minerals. They are suitable for serving as a snack with morning or evening tea. These products may now be purchased here quickly and simply.



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